Introducing the fastest way to share anything

No Apps Required. Eco-Friendly. COVID Secure.

Connect instantly

Tap a phone against a SmartSticker product to connect in seconds.

The other person doesn’t need one to receive your information!

How It Works


Activate SmartSticker and create your SmartProfile.


Place your SmartSticker anywhere.


Share in seconds with just a tap.

Fully Customisable

Integrate your favourite apps and websites easily into your SmartProfile, promising a seamless experience for you and your connections.

Gone are the days of exchanging business cards, typing out usernames or spelling email addresses correctly – just tap and you’re connected.

Endless Possibilities

Featured Product

SmartSticker Classic + Thin Bundle

The best of both worlds. Shop our classic bubbly design alongside the sleek, thin sticker. Add them to multiple surfaces and you’ll never be without your SmartSticker!

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