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When a sale is generated using your unique code, you will receive an email notification. Every 30 days, an email will be sent to collect earnings.

If there are no sales generated with your unique code, then you will not get any emails.

If we accept your application, you’ll receive a 100% off discount code via email to use at checkout.

Once you receive them, set up your profile and try it out! It’s vital you actually like and use SmartSticker. If you have any issues getting it working, let us know.

Here are some things that we love to see. Include human interaction where possible for increased authenticity.


– SmartSticker in action within a real life scenario

– A SmartSticker tap accompanied with details about its benefits

– Unboxing and setup, showing how it works

– Review of your experiences with SmartSticker


– Aesthetic images of SmartSticker products

– Photos of people holding SmartSticker products

Ultimately, you have full control over what you create and share, since you know your audience best. We’ll never ask you to share something which doesn’t fit with your brand. Feel free to be as creative as you like!

It is entirely up to you. There are no mandatory requirements for posting SmartSticker content.

Occasionally, we may ask if you’d like to create and share more content, but we won’t be offended if you say no.

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