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1. Check the iPhone is compatible.

iPhone 7/8/X – with iOS 14 NFC widget in control center.

iPhone XR/XS/SE/11/12 – no additional settings required.

Note – even if the phone is not compatible, the integrated QR code within SmartProfile can be shared with ease.

2. Ensure you are scanning at the top of the phone.

You cannot scan a SmartSticker when:

  • camera is open
  • torch is on
  • screen is off
  • airplane mode is enabled

1. Check the phone is compatible. See list here.

If a particular phone is not listed, it may still be compatible. To check, go to Settings and look for NFC. If NFC is not available, then unfortunately the phone is not compatible.

Note – even if the phone is not compatible, the integrated QR code within SmartProfile can be shared with ease.

2. Turn on NFC

The majority of Android powered devices are compatible with SmartSticker, but require NFC to be enabled. To check this, go to:

Settings > Connections > NFC

Note – steps may vary based on the specific phone.

3. Ensure you are scanning the middle at the back of the phone. Exact location may vary.

You may also need to have the phone unlocked with the screen on to tap a SmartSticker.


No! Your connections do not need a SmartSticker to get your information. They just need to tap your SmartSticker with their phone.

Yes! We have tested SmartSticker with a wide range of phone cases. Some Android phones may find it difficult if they have a thick case on depending on where the NFC scanner is. Not sure? Drop us a line.

SmartSticker’s can be placed on any surface. They have no battery and have been specifically engineered last for over 10 years. At the back of a phone, laptop, tablet, bag, purse, table… the list is truly endless. Be creative!

Note – If placing on a phone/phone case, keep the sticker away from the phone’s NFC reader.

iPhone: do not place at the top of the phone.

Android: do not place in the middle of the phone (exact location can vary).

SmartSticker is the physical device that you place on a surface and ask people to tap with their phone.

SmartProfile is your online business card that can be shared with ease with the help of a SmartSticker.


1. Open your SmartProfile.

Access here.

2. Select ‘Edit Profile’.

If you cannot see the Edit Profile button, you need to first login. To do this, click the menu icon in the top right and select Login.

3. Enter your information in the ‘Contact Details’ section.

Enter your email and/or phone number to share. These fields are optional. You can choose what to share.

Note – the phone number must be in full international format (e.g. +447123456789)

4. Share with the world!

New connections can now select the icons on your profile page to easily access your contact details. Allow new connections to instantly save your contact details to their phone with the download icon.

We are constantly adding new features to SmartProfile. Drop us a line if there is an app you’d like added and we’ll try our best to get it included.

Yes! You can find your unique SmartProfile link in the ‘Edit Profile’ settings. Access here.

Note – you must have the ‘Public profile’ feature enabled.

Yes! We have Light Mode and Dark Mode built in to SmartProfile. Switch between them in the ‘Edit Profile’ settings. Access here.

There are three main ways of accessing your profile.

Option 1: Go to

We made the link super short and easy to remember.

Option 2: Tap your SmartSticker.

Simply tap your SmartSticker like normal and your profile will load.

Option 3: Add SmartProfile as an icon to your phone home screen.

For ultimate easy access, open SmartProfile and add it as an icon to your Home Screen from your browser settings. You can then open SmartProfile like a regular app!

For iPhones using Safari, open SmartProfile and tap the Share icon at the bottom of the screen: IOS Share Svg Png Icon Free Download (#292248) - OnlineWebFonts.COM. Select ‘Add to Home Screen’ then select ‘Add’.

For phones using the Chrome browser, open SmartProfile and tap the menu icon in the top right: Kebab Menu Icons - Download Free Vector Icons | Noun Project. Select ‘Add to Home Screen’ and select ‘Add’.


Yes! We ship to over 230 countries worldwide.

UK: 1-3 working days.

Europe: 3-5 working days.

Worldwide: 6-7 working days.

Our full shipping policy can be found here.

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